Larry the Lurcher

120 (600x501)


Larry the Lurcher



Years Old (Approx.)



Measured in inches 'to the shoulder'.

ABOUT Larry the Lurcher

Larry is a gorgeous big Lurcher boy who came to us from the pound just before Christmas. Initially it was thought he was an old boy as his teeth were in a dreadful state…..But now that he’s had a dental, been neutered, lots of good grub and wonderful tlc at the kennels, he’s a new man ❣ only about 5 yrs old. Larry is a friendly boy, gets on great with all dogs, big and small but he’s not cat safe, well nobody’s perfect!
Larry has never lived in a home but he’s a clever boy and keen to please so he will make a fabulous pet once he settles in. With looks like this we don’t think he will wait around too long.

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